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Whoop! another vinyl news report about...Vinyl flooring is back!

Cheap Vinyl Flooring News

Vinyl flooring is back!

23/05/2012 09:36:39

Do you remember when cheap vinyl flooring and linoleum was all the rage?  Then everyone fell out of love with it and all wanted deep shaggy carpets in weird and wonderful colours.  Well the news is that fun funky vinyls are back, and not just for kitchens and bathrooms or office spaces either.  Vinyl flooring is becoming a great design feature in many homes.  Ecarpets.co.uk have a great selection of cheap vinyl flooring in both fun and funky designs and also the more classic designs too.  Good quality cheap cost vinyl flooring could look fabulous in your home, why not browse Ecarpets.co.uk now and see what you can find?

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