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Deal Bank* Color Type Sq M Shop (£) Deal (£) What you could save (%)  
2 mins carpet color 80:20 Wool 20 (sqm) £27.99 £14.99 50% save 50% Get Quote
2 hours carpet color 100% Wool 120 (sqm) £32.45 £18.55

45% save 45%

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16 hours carpet color 50:50 Wool 27 (sqm) £47.50 £22.75 54% save 54% Get Quote
Why choose Carpet?
Why Choose Carpet?Why should you choose carpet as your flooring.
We love carpets, but we would like to provide you with some more information on the facts about the features & benefits of carpet.
Get carpet the old way
Get the Carpet old WayChanging the way that you buy carpet can be a little bit scary.
We’ve listed what we consider to be some of the pitfall’s of buying your carpet the old way.
Carpets via eCarpets.co.uk
Carpet via eCarpetsWe wanted to create a website that would save you cash on carpet.
Take a look at the process for saving some cash on buying your carpets via our simple website.
why carpet
carpet old way
carpet new way
spacerNews about Carpets
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Questions from you?
Saving cash on carpet faster!

We think we know a thing or two about
carpet, so we decided to have a little section
on our website dedicated to your questions
about carpet. Have a quick look, we just might
have already answered it for you.

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Our main reason for setting up our website was to help the nation save cash on buying their carpet

Getting the best deal on carpet can be really tricky so we’ve made the process a bit easier and faster!

saving cash on carpet


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