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The team at eCarpets.co.uk are really serious about saving
you some cash on buying your carpet. So we decided to create
an area on our website that is dedicated to your questions.

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Who are eCarpets.co.uk?
Do I pay a fee for you helping me find a cheap carpet?
How much will I save on buying my carpet?
Do I get to see sample before I buy my carpet?
How can I get my room measured before I buy?

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Carpets Questions Who are eCarpets.co.uk?

We are a dedicated to of carpet specialists that decided that we would try and change the way you buy carpets in th UK. We work with only UK manufactures to bring you in our opinion the best quality carpets in the world.

We don’t actually sell carpet, we just work with a carefully choosen network of carpet shops across the Uk that between them have 100s of years of combined experience.

eCarpets.co.uk is our message board to spred the word, our message is simple really, you dont have to pay hidden costs of huge profit margins to the big boy anymore, buy carpets via our website and save cash on carpets today.

Carpets Questions Do I pay a fee for you helping me to find a cheap carpet?

No, it’s a completely FREE service.

Carpets Questions How much will I save on buying my carpets?

It’s a tricky one, but we work with companies that are like minded in their approach to business. For example on Underlay you may save £100s and Gripper rods you may save 500%, but on average you will save about £85.00 ish per room.

Carpets Questions Do I get to see sample before I buy my carpet?

Absolutely, carpet is a product that you need to get all touchy feely with, thats why all of our partner shops will either post sample or bring them in person right to your door, alternatively you can go to them, most of the shop have excellent public showrooms.

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