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Buy Carpet Old Way

Before we setup our website we decided to compare the price of buying carpet using the traditional carpet outlets accross the UK, our findings were quite frankly were tantamount to abuse.

We found that many shops were running carpet sales on the days when we arrived, with huge sign’s offering 50% off carpet and a further 20% off carpet deals, we wasn’t to sure if this was a good time to compare carpet prices as the carpet shops would be providing special deals and we didnt think we would get a true reflection of the costs, we were so wrong.

Case Study 1 - ‘The Huge Carpet Stores’.
Carpet - (upto 70% saving on carpet)

The carpet we looked at here was being offered at a 40% off RRP, the carpet was a lovely 80:20 wool twist carpet (beige), the carpet sales agent informed us that this carpet had actually been renamed and in fact was from a we’ll known UK manufacturer of carpet and the quality was top notch, the carpet was being offered at £67.00 psm. (£40.20 psm inc. the offer discount).

We thought this was great, such value at such a great price, maybe our business model was flawed, how could we compete with this type of discounting, safe to say our fears were quickly quashed. We took our quote to smaller local flooring retailers and cross matched the price we had received from the bigger stores.

Our finding’s were actually shocking, in short we found that all the smaller shops were offering exactly the same carpets for between £19.00 - £24.00 psm, and this was before we started to talk about a possible deal, that was on average 70% saving on the huge stores RRP starting price and was 35% more than the alternatives after the sales price applied.

The savings didn’t stop there.

Underlay - (upto 80% savings)

We were offered carpet underlay to improve the life of the carpet, the options were 6mm £6.99 psm - 9mm £7.99 psm, so for the our job (50 sqm) we would have to spend aprox £349.50 to £399.00 on top of the price of the carpet.

The underlay was not a branded underlay like Cloud 9, it was a non-branded alternative, so we again took our quote to the smaller stores, we were quoted maximum £4.50 psm but this was actually for top of the range Cloud 9, we were then offered a non-branded option simpliar to the bigger carpet store for £2.50 psm, so our cost option’s to have carpet underlay dropped massively to between £125.00 to 225.00 which gave a saving of around 80%

We thought we were done with the savings, again we were wrong.

Carpet Gripper & Doorplates - (upto 500% cheaper)

To complete the job we needed 6 doorplates and the whole job would need carpet gripper prior to fitting the underlay and carpet, the costs from the huge store were £45.00 for the gripper and £50.00 for the doorplates.

The alternative was from the local shop were that they didnt charge extra for the gripper and the doorplates came in at £1.50 a strip (total £9.00) which was nearlly 5 times more expensive from the huge carpet store prices.

Also, the huge store wanted to charge an additional £30 to deliver the carpet, which we could not come to terms with as they were 1.5 miles away from the job location, again this was not a charge that the local smaller capet shop would even entertain as a cost as they simply felt it was all part of the service.

I’m sure you’ll agree, there is nothing wrong with making money on selling carpet & accessories however we thing 500%+ profit is a little bit steap and is quite frankly tantamount to abuse, we’re not saying for a minute that all huge stores operate to these massive profit margins but simple that for you own peace of mind you should use our website to make sure that your not one of the 1000s of customer every month that get ripped off by buying their carpet from a huge carpet store that has huge profit margings to sustain.

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The old way..
By using our website to buy your new carpet you could save big time, look below at the average savings we made on our case study

Carpet - Save 80%
Underlay - Save 80%
Gripper - Save 100% +
Doorplates - Save 100% +

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