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Buy carpet the new way

Buy Carpet New Way

The problem was simple really with 100s of places to buy your Carpet from and 1000s of
carpet to choose from the chances of you getting ripped off we're quire high.

eCarpets have developed our website to make sure that the chances of getting ripped off
are reduced massively, we work with a network of carpet shops that believe in some key values.

Network core values.

All of our shops work to a healthy profit margin's and aim to provide a complete service to all of our users on buying their next carpet, non of them believe in taking advantage in customers depending on their profile or demographic.

Most carpet shops will provide a 'Price Match' facility and can access most of not all uk manufactures carpet

2. Quality Carpets

We only work with carpet suppliers that have a well established relationship with all the best UK carpet manufactures so you are guaranteed to not be sold any cheap imported tat.

This way we all get to support UK manufactures, which by the way are the best carpet manufacturers in the world.

3. Consistant Quality Service

Our carpet shops have years and years of experience in both supplying and fitting carpet to 100s of homes in your local area, which means you can be guaranteed to receive the best possible service available, they undestand what you need and have years of experience in delivering a quality carpet service time and time again.

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The new way..
It's simple really, just because your buying your carpet via our website online doesnt mean that you will loose any of the traditional benefits to buying carpet offline

You'll just be guaranteed to save cash on buying your carpet and you will minimse the chances of getting ripped of!

Core Network Values

* Competative Pricing
* Quality UK carpet
* Quality Service

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